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Really, it’s true. At High Desert Interior Design, we thrive on bringing your vision and your ideas to life. We’re just here to help you get there. We want to create a space that energizes you yet calms you, and ultimately finds that perfect harmony between streamlined, elegant design and personal touches that reflect your lifestyle.

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Kathleen Spielman



Kathleen Spielman is an energizing visionary inspired by the high desert landscape, architecture, and designs of Southern California where she grew up, and Boulder, Colorado, where she now resides. She is passionate about creating spaces that are manifestations of who you are as individuals, couples, and families using streamlined, elegant and functional style. She loves to bring to life a multi-layered, stimulating sensory experience through the use of colors, textures, metals, the play of modern and vintage, and thoughtful intuitive spatial relationships of form. Kathleen loves honoring and exploring the art, design, and architecture of the past. She finds inspiration in their historical stories and forms. She yearns to breathe new life into their being, to push past the limitations they can create.


Kathleen strives to help you create spaces that feel peaceful and calm yet energizing and inspiring. After having children, Kathleen discovered her passion for interior design and worked with her mentor, Alexandra Goldstein at Eco Vision.


When not designing, you can find Kathleen cooking up something special in the kitchen, entertaining friends and family or out and about dancing, camping and enjoying all that Boulder has to offer.  

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